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• the import, export and wholesale of tyres for passenger cars, light-trucks, SUVs and ATVs, trucks, tractors and other specialized machinery; • the import, export and wholesale of light alloy and steel wheels for cars and SUVs.

Boriana Ltd. is:
Exclusive Bulgarian representative and importer for the full range of Yokohama, Lassa, Maxxis, Momo and Westlake and LENSO tyres;

Official Bulgarian importer of Pirelli tyres;

Exclusive Bulgarian representative and importer of Momo, Reds, Autec, Darwin Racing, Advanti, Enkei, Lenso, RC Method, RacingLine wheels.


Ultralux® is a registered trademark of Boriana Ltd. for the production and trading of LED lighting.

Ultralux® offers a wide range of products and solutions in the area of LED lighting for domestic use, offices, shopping centers, hotels, administrative buildings, industrial sites, streets and parks.


Mehmet Efendi is a coffee with and unique taste and aroma.

It is made of carefully selected types of Arabica. Unlike other coffee brands, which undergo thermal extraction for the production needs of instant coffee and then the beads are artificially enriched with vegetable fats, Mehmet Efendi is still made to a simple authentic recipe. The beads are roasted and ground. This preserves the natural aroma and qualities of the coffee. Boriana Ltd. is an official representative of Mehmet Efendi coffee for Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and Greece.


Recaro office chairs are adapted to every situation, every person, every requirement. They impress with their perfect shape and top-quality materials. The Recaro office line is a symbiosis of the conception for an entirely new office chair and decades of experience in the manufacturing of car seats. Renown for meeting the high requirements in the automotive industry, regarding quality and the load capacity, Recaro office chairs can guarantee a life-long durability.


PitStop is production line created by the automotive designer Anri Lenterman. According to the designer himself, his desire was to create "a line of office chairs for enthusiastic drivers and people with competitive spirit."

PitStop office-furniture is for the active people, who have turned their work and their passion for cars in a way of life, a source of inspiration and excitement.

For the creation of the PitStop chairs, Anri Lenterman drew his inspiration from cars, placing many automotive elements in the vision and the ergonomics of his chairs. PitStop chairs are made with light aluminium alloys and high-quality materials.

Seven STUDIO is part of Boriana Ltd.

Web solutions - we design and create dynamic websites, complied with the contemporary requirements for interface and functionality, web based applications, electronic payment systems, online commerce websites, individual business solutions.

Print advertisement - we carry out projects with printing advertising materials: catalogues, books, leaflets, posters, billboards.

Photography - we offer professional photographic solutions: interior and exterior photos, product photography..


Digital television "Boriana" is a leading private cable operator on the territory of Dryanovo Municipality, with many years of experience in delivering internet and television to homes and businesses. We invest in building and development of our own underground infrastructure and high-speed optical grid for data transfer, which enables us to offer our clients reliable service with excellent quality.
Our clients and their satisfaction are of primary importance for us - that's why we are focused on the good service, the high level of technical maintenance and the quick reaction.


There is one country whose lion's body greatly enhances the beauty of Europe's map. This is a country whose name - for thirteen centuries - neither enemy, nor ally have managed to change. Its history is rich and abounds in dramatic events. Its territory has been the arena for many a conqueror's ambitions; it has been the fruitful soil of many cultures and the refuge of tribes and nations. Nature changed, and so did seasons and people, yet the name of this country still remains the same:



About us

Boriana Ltd. was founded on March 1st, 1990, by Mr. Valentin Hristov Velchev.

  1. Import, export and sales of automobile tyres and wheels;
  2. ULTRALUX® - a private brand owned by Boriana Ltd. - production and sales of LED lighting for domestic use, offices, industrial areas and premises, streets and building facades;
  3. Official representative of Mehmet Efendi coffee for Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and Greece;
  4. Sales representative of Recaro office chairs;
  5. Regional internet provider;
  6. Regional cable operator;
  7. Developer of software products - SEVEN Studio
    • Internet websites
    • Advertisement and advertising products.

Boriana Ltd. implements a management system in accordance with BDS ISO 9001:2015



Фирма "Боряна" търси да назначи двама електроинженери.

Кандидатите трябва да притежават диплома за завършено висше техническо образование и да имат интерес в областта на осветлението.

Владеенето на английски език е предимство.

Документи се приемат в офиса на фирмата на адрес:
Дряново, ул. "3-ти Март 12" и на email:


Company address: 5370 Dryanovo, 12 "3rd March" Str.
Warehouse: 5370 Dryanovo, 213 "Shipka" Str.
Phones: +359 676 74433, 75570, +359 88 666 1 777, +359 88 666 1 888
Fax: +359 676 74546, 74466

Mr. Valentin Velchev -

Executive director:
Ms. Galina Ilieva -

Technical manager:
Mr. Grigor Grozev -

Financial manager:
Ms. Maria Rudeva -

Chief accountant:
Ms. Penka Yakova -

Sales manager tires and wheels:
Mr. Daniel Mitev -

Sales manager - Ultralux:
Mr. Nikola Nikolaev -

Import manager - Ultralux:
Eng. Alexander Manchev -

Quality assurance manager - Ultralux:
Eng. Georgi Tomov -

IT manager:
Eng. Miroslav Enchev -

SEVEN Studio manager:
Eng. Pencho Chukov -